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Co2 Effects

From Co2 Jets, Power Jets, or custom Co2 effects, take a look below. 


Whether you need a large display, or close proximity Stage Pyrotechnics, give us a call to discuss your design.


Flame Bars, Stage Flames or 60ft Flames all are possible.

Private Parties
Confetti /Streamer Effects

All options of confetti and streamers are possible. Take a look below and find what's right for your event!


Whether club night, or touring show, we can give you a stunning design to meet your needs; see more below.

Low Smoke

Low smoke is a gorgeous effect; see more details about what we can offer!

Bubbles / Smoke Filled Bubbles

 Bubbles add that sensory layer to an event; smoke filled bubbles even more so! Take a look for more details. 

Bespoke Effects

Anything new you haven't seen before? Contact us and see what we can do!

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